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Our Brands

This is our family.

Our diverse, but highly complementary portfolio of brands are poised
to continue to lead their respective industries through exceptional customer experiences.

Today, ScanDigital is the premier photo digitization service. Its industry leading innovations have created
the most user-friendly process available. Combining tremendous value with an impeccable service,
ScanDigital is poised to lead the digital conversion revolution. All thanks to Mike’s mom.


Anderson Schoenrock and Mike Mothner founded ScanDigital in early 2007 and this brand was the genesis for what would eventually become Memory Ventures.

Home Movie Depot

Acquired by Memory Ventures in 2011, Home Movie Depot had created its industry leading Memories3 Transfer technology enabling the highest quality video and film transfers in a highly efficient and scalable manner.

Larger Than Life Prints

Acquired in 2012 by Memory Ventures, Larger Than Life Prints (aka "LTL Prints"). Larger than Life prints pioneered printing contour cutout, custom, on-demand wall decals.

Artsy Canvas

This brand was simply a domain and small website when it was acquired along with Larger Than Life Prints in 2012.

Ultra Murals

Acquired in 2012, UltraMurals is dedicated to transforming any room with great images from around the world.


Incubated in partnership with Memory Ventures and launched in October 2015, BiographyNOW is a completely new way for anyone to create a high-quality, illustrated book that tells a personalized life story while highlighting the rich history and culture of the times.
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