Rich Wender


Vice President Human Resources & Performance Coach


Memory Ventures goal to provide a high quality service starts with it’s employees, and while the focus of HR continues to be the development of their team, the significance of HR’s contributions has become more apparent. HR’s traditional function to provide advice, service, and control to other areas of Memory Ventures has expanded and taken on a more strategic character.

Rich’s experience covers multiple states in a variety of industries. Rich’s journey in HR began at The University of Colorado where he majored in Business Management emphasizing Human Resources. After a handful of years working traditional HR roles, Rich took his experience to the entertainment industry where he oversaw post-production departments on television shows. The experience and knowledge Rich gained working with technology and video equipment made the transition to Memory Ventures a natural one. In his free time you’ll find Rich spending time with his family, coaching youth baseball or biking the streets of Fishers.